How to Improve Sustainability in Yorkshire

The existing method of development in Yorkshire has been shown unsustainable. In the last two decades, serious measures have been taken to improve sustainability and many yielded results. But unfortunately, the county has not achieved the level of sustainable development it should by now.

The pressure on the environment and natural resources in Yorkshire as well as elsewhere in the country and abroad continues to increase which manifests itself in the unavoidable climate change, loss of biodiversity and depletion of natural resources which do not only involve fossil fuels but water, land and clean air as well. The fight for a greener planet requires a global action but actions on a local level are just as important because the problem can be dealt with on a global level only when the local communities will embrace the principles of sustainable development.

In order to improve sustainability in Yorkshire, the local communities should strive to:

Waste disposal does not only have adverse effects on the local air, soil and water pollution and greenhouse emissions but it also has an adverse impact on the use of natural resources and energy. Many items that end up in landfills either contain energy or raw materials which could be recycled and reused to heat a selection of wood burning stoves, by which the pressure on natural resources would be reduced. Sustainable waste management therefore bases on:

Conservation of biodiversity plays the key role in the survival of the existing ecosystems and human population as well. Food production still heavily depends on the wildlife species many of which, however, are threatened with extinction without prompt and proper measures.

Production processes are vital for economic growth and prosperity of the population but they often have a devastating effect on the environment both directly and indirectly. Many businesses are huge energy consumers which means that they increase carbon dioxide emissions and put an increased pressure on energy resources. Environmental law and policy have dramatically reduced industrial pollution but unfortunately, they did not eliminate it. In addition to forcing business owners to take measures to help conserve the environment through legislation, the local authorities should also stimulate environmentally-conscious industries through financial incentives for introducing and developing green production processes.

The awareness of the importance of sustainability among the population should be raised and maintained on a high level. This can be achieved through various awareness campaigns such as Plant a Tree Project by Faraway Furniture Ltd. Promotion of sustainable development should also be included in formal education in order to raise the awareness among young people and help them develop knowledge and skills to implement sustainability later in life.